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Our First Café Scientifique

6th March 2023

Last week, KAS held our first Café Scientifique event – a space to discuss scientific ideas and hear from scientists over a free coffee or tea. Our first guest speaker,…

Year 7 Students Are Spaced Out!

26th January 2022

A short short time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, the Science Department took the Year 7s for a lovely trip to Greenwich Observatory, as they have recently…

Science brought to life – Y6-9 Science Week

24th May 2021

This year’s National Science and Engineering Week coincided with our first week back to school back in March. At KAS, we decided to have our events later in the year…

Here be dragons

21st October 2020

Sara’s Y4 class were excited to show off the work they’ve been doing on Dragons this term. The topic, which has encompassed all aspects of the curriculum, started with the…

Personal Space (with Y7 scientists)

5th May 2020

In the Science Department, Laura designed an amazing project for our Year 7s to complete. They had to choose one starter, one main and one dessert from their ‘Nandos Space…

Game on for Year 9 Biologists

30th April 2020

In Year 9 the students were given a two week project around Ecology and the resulting games they created are brain-boosting-boredom-busters.

Bringing science to life – from species to space

17th March 2020

This year the Science Department went all out to celebrate British Science Week. First they helped colleagues across the school integrate science into their subjects by sharing video clips on…

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