Sixth Form Science Experiment

Careers Advice

At KAS we help to prepare our Sixth Formers for life after school by providing high quality, impartial careers information, education and guidance.

Each student will receive individual advice and support both at the beginning of Year 12 and the beginning of Year 13 to ensure that they have chosen the correct programme of study that will enable them to realise their aspirations post-A level. We monitor the needs of all students in order to guide them through the whole higher education process, whether this is UCAS, Art, Drama or Music schools. We also help prepare students for the world of work, should they choose not to follow the path of higher education. Students taking a gap year receive assistance to plan a meaningful experience.  Year 12 and 13 students have regular guidance meetings as a whole year group, in form and on a one-to-one basis.

Life after KAS Conference

In July of each year, all Year 12 students attend the ‘Life After KAS’ Conference, a two day event held onsite where students hear from external experts on gap years, paths into employment, apprenticeships and university admissions. The conference includes a hands-on personal statement writing workshop and an intensive UCAS application clinic session. Oxbridge applicants are supported by the Head of Department of their chosen subject and their tutors.

Higher Education applications

We offer regular workshops as part of our ‘Life after KAS form hour’ programme on subjects such as choosing a course, researching universities, overseas applications, finding open days and writing a personal statement. Students and parents are given specific guidance to support them with this. They are also guided individually through their application process, teaching them how to use the UCAS ‘Apply’ programme or to complete other forms.

Several subject based super-curricular reading groups are offered for students applying to Oxbridge and aspirational universities. Topics are chosen to match students interests, such as the History Salon historiography seminar and the STEP Maths prep group. Oxbridge candidates also receive guidance on developing the independent plan of work required to prepare them as competitive candidates.

Support from the wider School community

The parent body and Old Alfredians play a very important part in the programme. We collect information on the occupations of our parent body and use them to help with careers where relevant. Parents will come in to present master-classes in their specific field and support us in the Careers Fair, and Old Alfredians are frequently invited to share their experiences and support students.

All Year 13 undergo an interview in a subject of their choice to be conducted by professionals in their field – Year 12 act as observers and offer positive and negative feedback.  We use our contacts to arrange subject specific interviews for Oxbridge applicants. We also offer students practise interview training.

Work Experience

We help students to arrange a work placement in Year 12, reflecting their vocational and curricular interests. The placements are monitored by visits and the experience is evaluated both by the employer and student. We assist students to develop CVs and write letters of application to help them secure a placement. The programme aims to encourage students to analyse their strengths and weaknesses with the aim of developing greater self-awareness, in preparation for making informed choices for their future. We work closely with each student in conjunction with their teachers, tutors and parents to enable them to manage their own lifelong learning.

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