Lower School Artwork for 125 anniversary
Lower School Artwork for 125 anniversary

KAS 125 Artwork

Lower School Artwork

Students from the Lower School have collaborated to create a fantastic 125 Artwork which is now installed in the Main Hall.

The work has been made by children from Reception though to Year 5 and it is a celebration of the energy and dynamism that each child brings to the School. The idea of the artwork came about through thinking about the community of the school; how we move together, evolve together, grow together as individuals and as a school community. The baubles look like atoms, or particles which together make up a whole.

Each class were invited into the Lower School Art Space, where they learnt how to turn wool fibres into felt. They experienced the softness and smell of the wool, remembering where else they have experienced such textures in the past. Then Lower School Artist in residence, Kat, showed them how to separate the fibres and layer them, ready to add warm, soapy water. The children clearly enjoyed the warm, soft, tactile quality of the felting process, and the atmosphere in the classroom was calm and peaceful. Kat said: “The process seemed to be therapeutic for the children – it has calmed and motivated them.”

Students making artwork   Lower School Artwork for 125 anniversary

Once felted and dried, the baubles were then screwed onto display panels. Because of the collective nature of the work, individual baubles are not named. Some children wanted to take their creations home to show to their grown ups but instead they discussed how their bauble was a part of a collective artwork, and instead of taking them home, they could invite their grown ups into school to see how their work was part of a whole piece.


The KAS 125 Artwork is installed in the Main Hall, so do pop in to have a look.

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