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Lower School students running on the field

Lower School Pastoral Care

Kind Aware Safe

Our rules are few in number – children are asked not to climb trees higher than a door and not to play with sticks that are longer than their arm! Most importantly, they are asked to always be kind, aware and safe. In classrooms, playgrounds and Callovers we promote these three important qualities, making sure we recognise and celebrate them across the school.

Of course, mistakes are occasionally made by children as they navigate social pathways.  If this happens, we use ‘restorative practice’ to create a learning experience. Restorative practice keeps the focus on repairing any harm that may have been done and learning how deal with a situation more successfully should it reoccur.  Parents are invited in to participate in our conversation with the children should the same mistake be repeated.

While repeated incidents of negative behaviour are rare at KAS, it would be remiss of us not to have procedures in place to deal with them should they occur.  We help children to identify bullying behaviour as unkindness that happens ‘several times on purpose’. Such behaviour has no place in our school and we are committed to addressing issues before they escalate, by ensuring that children understand that it is not tolerated in school and providing quality personal and social education and a climate of open and honest conversation.

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