A level Politics student in class

Sixth Form Pastoral Care

The Sixth Form experience at The King Alfred School has all the benefits of a school, with the freedom, rights and responsibilities usually only achieved at college level.

Here it is about what you can do through education rather than what you cannot. We offer a wide range of A level subjects, with a comprehensive pastoral care system that is flexible and adaptable to all of our students’ social and emotional needs.

We strive to give our Sixth Formers every opportunity to maximise their enjoyment of learning for its own sake, by minimising academic competition and pressure. Our extensive Enrichment and Extra-curricular programmes help our students to develop as independent young adults who are confident in their achievements as well as the direction they will follow.

Personal tutor

Hand in hand with this is the outstanding pastoral care that we are able to offer. Each student has a personal tutor who they will see every day during the 20-minute form time and for a 50-minute tutorial session weekly.

Pastoral team

The pastoral team of Sixth Form tutors are fully supported by the Head of the Sixth Form, UCAS and HE Adviser, PSHE, Learning Support, Library Services, Counselling, Assistant Head (Pastoral) and the Head of the School.

Maximising potential

Our aim is to help every student in our care realise their full potential.  Our approach encourages critical thinking, independent study, experimentation, exploration and extensive reading.  These are precisely the qualities that the Cambridge Assessment Study shows that university lecturers and admissions tutors are looking for.

Mutual respect

As it is throughout the school, mutual respect is a core value in our Sixth Form. A lack of petty regulations and a respectful informality, typified by the use of first names between students and staff and no uniform, allow us to remove barriers and create the conditions for a mutually beneficial dialogue.  We listen and respond to student needs wherever possible.

Feedback and Ideas

Feedback and ideas from Sixth Formers are actively encouraged and are frequently the drivers of new initiatives and change within the school.  Whether adding to the Enrichment programme, participating in our many extra-curricular activities, or assisting in the refinement of our UCAS and Careers programme, there are opportunities for genuinely active involvement and the chance to make a real difference.

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