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Year 7 Students Are Spaced Out!

26th January 22

Year 7 Planetarium Trip

A short short time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, the Science Department took the Year 7s for a lovely trip to Greenwich Observatory, as they have recently started the topic of Space in class.

We started the day with a workshop focusing on the scientists who discovered each of the planets and the data evidence which they needed to  prove their existence.

The classroom session was followed by a wonderful planetarium experience where we journeyed through our solar system, to the rest of our galaxy and beyond.

Here’s what the students thought about the experience:

Charlie: The planetarium was by far the best part. Especially because I felt like I was actually in space!

Aiden: The film in the planetarium – the graphics were amazing.

Lila: I loved the planetarium. My favourite fact was that black holes might be worm holes to another universe.

Seb: The film was great and finding out that we will collide with another galaxy in the future.

Judah: The theory on black holes was my favourite part.

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