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Here be dragons

21st October 20

Sara’s Y4 class were excited to show off the work they’ve been doing on Dragons this term. The topic, which has encompassed all aspects of the curriculum, started with the class reading ‘The Boy who Grew Dragons’ by Andy Shepherd.

The class bookshelf was stuffed with other dragon-based works so they could immerse themselves in the fantastical world.

Students then started designing their own dragons, thinking about biology and how different animals are adapted for different environments.

They used their creative skills to sketch out different ideas for their own dragon designs including some very impressive close up eye pictures.

The project also brought in literacy skills as they students wrote letters imagining themselves as characters in dragon stories they’d read and created diary entries about living with dragons in their lives.

Charlie explains why she’s enjoyed the project: “It lets us explore other cultures without doing history lessons. I love writing all the fantasy letters and diaries and it brings all the subjects together in a fun way.”

Emmie and Charlie with their dragon sketch books

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