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A New Chapter –
Cathy leaves the Lower School Library

8th July 2020

She is a Lower School legend who has instilled a love of books and reading in hundreds of students in the 25 years she’s been at the school. Here she looks back on her time at the school. “My association with KAS began when my son, Daniel, joined reception in 1992. Four years later, in…

The Art of Protest

8th July 2020

The Lower School children have been looking at protests in Art this term. With so much in the news about protests and protesters, Lower School Art Teacher, Kat began this project by asking students to think about protests. She explained what protest is, about how protesters show that they want change or perhaps they want…

Lower School Virtual Open Morning

3rd June 2020

Head of Lower School, Karen welcomed parents to a virtual Open Morning recently. Along with Head, Robert and students Rani and Oliver from Year 6 they talked about the ethos and aims of the school, answered questions and shared all that is great about The King Alfred School. You can rewatch the whole webinar here:

Opening the gates

1st June 2020

This week we will see the return of a small section of our student population to both Ivy Wood and Manor Wood sites. Head of Lower School, Karen, and her team have been working incredibly hard to put in place measures which will make this return safe for students and staff. From staggered start times,…

Top Trump Triumph for Year 2

5th May 2020

For their non-fiction inquiry writing task, the children in Year 2 are learning about natural habitats and the organisms that live within them. They used their non-fiction reading and writing skills to create Top Trumps cards all about living organisms.

Facing the future – Year 6

28th April 2020

Before the school buildings were closed, some Lower School students created some amazing sculptures. Y6 teacher Sophie describes the atmosphere which surrounded their creation. “This group art work was created by the ‘Last Men Standing’ before lockdown began. We had planned a day of clay work in the style of Honore Daumier, but as the…

Down on the (virtual) farm – Week 4

28th April 2020

Since the start of the Summer Term the farm has seen fluffy rabbits finding their way in the world, a multi-animal picnic in the sun, sneaky ducks stealing strawberries from unsuspecting tortoises and Dave making his farm debut (and sleeping on the job).

Down on the (virtual) farm – week 3

28th April 2020

During the Easter break Karen was still caring for the KAS farm creatures and shared some adorable moments as the tortoises woke up, lizards enjoyed warming themselves in the sun and she wrapped baby bunnies in a feather boa (beacause, why not?).

Perfect poems from Year 6

22nd April 2020

Students in Adele and Sophie’s Y6 classes have been creating beautiful poems full of characters.

Down on the (virtual) farm – Week 1

2nd April 2020

Head of Lower School, Karen has been keeping students (and parents) posted about the goings on down on the KAS farm. Here is a round up of her clips from week one. A week in which baby bunnies in her office helped her to keep smiling as we all began the rapid adjustment to distance…

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