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Sports Day 2024

28th June 24

The King Alfred School Sports Day took place at the StoneX Stadium for the second year running.

It was fantastic to take students from Years 6 – 10 to the stadium where they could participate in several events including the 4x100m relay, shotput, javelin, long jump and many more! The students were brilliant with supporting each other, cheering on their friends and teammates in different year groups.

Hear more about the day from our students:

Year 6 students Mollie and Eliza said:

“This was our first senior Sports Day and it was really fun being in with all of the other year groups; it made you really competitive. It was good to cheer on our friends and get everyone involved.

The stadium is very big! There was a lot of space to do things and the variety of activities was been amazing too. We really liked the equipment and the facilities that being at the stadium has provided – especially the stands were we could rest and cheer on our friends.”

Year 7 students Oscar and Luke said:

“We were both involved in lots of different events. We were nervous, but we were looking forward to the competition! It’s crazy that we get to come to StoneX – Sports Day has grown so much, almost every year group is competing and it was amazing to watch. There was always so much encouragement, even when you were last – everyone was cheering you on. It just felt so professional, like we were at an actual meet!”

Year 8 students Alma and Tommy added:

We really enjoyed being at the stadium for Sports Day, it was really nice having that community and the weather was also so nice. It was great to interact with all the different year groups that were participating and it was awesome to be at the stadium where we could watch everyone participate and also enjoy the views.

Year 9 students Mia, Louise, Felicity and Evie said:

“We liked coming to the stadium. It was really nice and it has so many memories too because we had our last sports day there too. It was really big and spaced out, and it was fun to be able to go to different events to support our friends – it also meant not everyone was watching you! It was a good balance of what you could do as a competitive person and then as someone who wasn’t competitive – those who really wanted to go for it could race in front.

It was been really nice to have everyone mixed together – we wouldn’t normally speak to any of the Year 6s but we were chatting to them and cheering them on, as well as cheering on our friends.”

Year 10 students Arlo, Harry, Nathan and Oliver added:

“It was really good for our last Sports Day. The facilities were fantastic and we didn’t miss a single race – we were able to watch and support everyone. It was organised really well. Being at the stadium made it feel more professional and more important. We really enjoyed it and liked being able to support our friends.”

A huge congratulations to all those who participated, and a massive well done to the PE Department for organising another fantastic event. Thank you to everyone who supported and the parents who came out to spectate and cheer on the students.

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