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Adventure Journals Bring Learning to Life

4th July 24

When adventurer and author Teddy Keen came in to tell us about his book Journey to the Last River, it inspired Natalie and Shirley’s Year 3 class to create their own adventure journals.

These books aren’t just beautiful objects – they also perfectly showcase the way subjects are brought together in an Enquiry topic at KAS.

Each student came up with their own idea for an adventure and filled the book with relevant entries, artworks and investigations. Diary entries and poetry helped them hone their creative writing skills and making a kit list included grammar lessons on the use of commas.

Illustrations gave them the chance to flex their artistic skills in pastels, watercolours, collage, bark rubbings and observational pen and ink drawings.

As part of a Forest school session, they foraged for wild garlic on the heath and created garlic butter in a cookery lesson. They enjoyed a (fake) campfire in the classroom and enjoyed garlic bread with their own foraged garlic as the star ingredient.

In Geography they learnt about orienteering and map-reading before creating their own maps.

Recording the plants they encountered on their fictional journeys gave them the opportunity to study plant biology, to use technology by learning about the plant identifier on Google and to showcase their research and informational writing skills.

They wrote their own author biographies and learnt about persuasive writing before writing the sales blurb on the backs of their books.

The books are a joined-up-learning brought to life.

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