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Warning! Scientists at work

30th April 2024

This term, the Lower School acknowledged STEM week with several workshops, provided by external visitors and from our own KAS staff. It was a brilliant week of discovery and excitement…

British Science Week 2024

21st March 2024

Students have had a wonderful opportunity to celebrate British Science Week with a selection of workshops over the last week or so. We welcomed a Explorer Dome to the school…

Year 7 STEM Exploration

19th December 2023

At The King Alfred School, Year 7 students partake in term long interdisciplinary enquiry projects (‘Explorations’). Explorations provide students with a deeper learning experience and the opportunity to develop their…

Investigating Earthquakes Through Coding

9th October 2023

As part of their investigation into natural phenomena and how it impacts our world, Year 5 made an earthquake simulator by designing a platform that can attach to a motor….

Year 7 Exploration Takes Off

26th September 2023

As part of the interdisciplinary curriculum followed by our Year 6-8 students, our new Year 7s were bringing together Science and Design as they built and tested paper rockets. This…

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