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Learning about the ‘Unknown Adventurer’

19th April 24

It was an exciting start to the Summer Term for Year 3 who welcomed Teddy Keen, the author of The Lost Book of Adventure and Journey to the Last River.

Teddy’s talk included a chance for students to see the very chest that he discovered on his journey in the Amazon Rainforest and some of the contents, including the original notebooks of the Unknown Adventurer, with one student commenting: “I really liked it when he showed us the original book and compared it to what he had done. It was so cool.” He also tested the students on their animal knowledge, playing a variety of different noises that he heard as he took on the two-week journey along an Amazon river in his search to find the Last River.

One Year 3 student said: “I found Teddy’s talk quite interesting, I listen to podcasts about the Amazon Rainforest so I’m already curious about it. I didn’t know that butterflies could grow so big in the Amazon – Teddy saw one that was up to 25cm wide.”

Another added: “We’re learning about biodiversity, so it was helpful to listen to what Teddy came across in the Rainforest. He told us about an anaconda he came across, it was 9m – that’s seven kids long; he made some of us lie down just to show how it large it was.”

One other couldn’t believe Teddy’s journey: “It’s crazy that Teddy two weeks to travel up river when he was trying to find the Last River. I thought it would take a few minutes, not a whole two weeks!”

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