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Year 6 Are Winners At Watford

18th March 24

The majority of our Year 6 students headed to The Watford Festival to take part in the annual choir competition and came away with the trophy!

The students were supported by singing teacher Sarah who arranged the two songs (Scarborough Fair and Don’t Stop Believing), Lower School Specialist Music teacher Camilla who taught and conducted and accompanist Joe – the experience left them with huge smiles on their faces.

The judges said: “This choir showed a genuine joy in music making which was wonderful.” They also commented that the arrangement of Don’t Stop Believing was, “fantastic but challenging for this age group,” and that “everyone’s love of this song was obvious.”

We spoke to three of the victors the day after the event. Here’s what they had to say:

Skye: “In the run up to the competition we did about two months of practicing twice a week. It was hard to get the harmonies right, and we had to do it exactly correct so it sounded good, and I’m really proud of that. Sarah was great at working with us so we could learn it and when she finally said ‘this is amazing’ the whole year felt better than ever.”

Layla: “When we walked on the stage, it really hit me that this was the real thing with judges and everyone watching us, but afterwards I felt proud we’d done it.”

Alice: “I liked how everyone worked as a team and it wasn’t just one person doing a solo, we all had to work together to get the end result. Obviously winning was really cool, I didn’t expect it… I don’t think any of us did!”

Layla: “I liked the contrast in the songs, Scarborough Fair was really gentle sounding and the other was Don’t Stop Believing which was more pop and fun. The winning was the most exciting part because I went up and got the trophy and certificate to give to the teachers.”

Skye: “I think doing the competition bonded us as a year group and if we hadn’t done Watford Choir we’d all be less resilient.”

Alice: “We’re all more confident too because we just got up on a stage and sang in front of hundreds of people.”

Soloists are full of smiles!
Accompanist, Joe, singing teacher Sarah and Music teacher and conductor Camilla.

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