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Eco Cities of the Future

6th December 23

This term, one of our Year 4 classes had the exciting opportunity to combine several of their subjects together to learn how to create an eco-city. Pupils discussed how they would be able to make a sustainable city and what products they would use that would be best for the environment.  

Using their scientific knowledge, they made decisions from what kind of power they should use to give their city electricity, all the way to what transport they would allow. With their artistic skills, the class created posters advertising their eco-city that would market it as the perfect holiday destination and, in their English lessons, they wrote news articles that they believed would appear in newspapers in their eco-city.

One student, Harry, said: “We learnt about different types of sustainable power like wind and sun. In the end, we agreed that the town should have a dam to have hydroelectric power.”  

Each pupil got to create one ceramic square after the class decided who would be responsible for what part of the city. Some worked on a square with sustainable housing while others took on the challenge of creating a ceramic square with a farm or a hospital.  

Another student, Scarlett, added: “What I really loved about this project is that it involved different subjects and it wasn’t always about one thing. I also loved putting the whole city together – it took up a whole table! It felt like a big achievement. We named it Kanpeki City, which is Japanese for perfect.” 

At the end of the project, the class got to put all their squares together and see the city together as a final product. Then they had to present the city to their parents, who got to vote on whether the city met the sustainability standards the children were challenged to fulfil and if the city would be built. 

The answer: a resounding yes!  

Well done to everyone involved, fantastic work.


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