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Year 3 Channel Their Inner Artist

19th October 23

Before half term, Year 3 held an art exhibition as part of their Exploration. Students could select their favourite artist and create artwork that was either a replication or an original piece.

We caught up with some of our students to hear how they found the experience:

Florencia: “For the exhibition, we created gallery cards, paintings, original paintings and timelines on the artist’s life. You could choose which artist you wanted to focus on; I did Lichtenstein. The exploration topic was about ‘what can art mean to different people.'”

Dylan: “I chose Van Gogh because I like his art; the colours he uses are really nice. I decided to do Starry Night. It’s been a fun topic and I wish we could spend longer on it!”

Harold: “I picked Bridget Riley because I love illusions. I created an illusion building as part of my gallery! Art is really fun and I’m excited to see my paintings on display.”

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