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Cheerleading Success

2nd May 23

The KAS Jets are a cheer squad of 20+ KAS students in Years 6 and 7. A dedicated bunch, they train every Thursday afternoon after school under the watchful eye of their coach, Old Alfredian, Ellie Boltman. She has worked hard with the group over the last few years and they have come a really long way. The students who are part of the club have always really loved and benefitted from the experience. If you’ve been to KAStonbury in the last few years you may have seen them performing one of their brilliant routines.

Head of PE, Henrietta went to South Hampstead School to watch them compete in the recent London Dance and Cheer Academy competition. While Ellie is the coach of our very own Jets, she also coaches other school teams and this was their chance to compete against each other in a friendly and fun contest.

There were six teams competing and each had brought their A game. Cheerleading is judged on several aspects – the routine, the level of the skills, the quality of the skills and the overall team performance. It requires huge dedication, hard work and lots of training sessions – these students will have learnt a lot about resilience during practice.


Henrietta said: “It was a really close competition and after watching all the routines I know it will have been difficult to judge, but it was decided that KAS Jets routine was the best and they came away as the WINNERS of the competition! It was such a fun thing to watch and all the performers were amazing! Such a nice thing for all involved to be a part of.”

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