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Art Speaks To Year 3

20th October 22

This term our Year 3 students have been looking at Art and Artists.

They researched famous and favourite artists and produced some beautiful posters to showcase and explain each creative talent – they even recreated the artist’s work!

Click on the pictures below to see a gallery of just a few of the fabulous posters:

Using mirrors the children also drew self portraits of their own faces displaying different emotions.

Click below to see some more emotive faces:

Both classes took part in a workshop making 3D artworks out of discarded pieces of metal. They thought about re-using and recycling and how anything can become art.

Working carefully (and with gloves!) they used the pieces to create designs and thought about the stories behind their creations.

More metal marvels below:

To complete the topic they hosted a fabulous exhibition in their classrooms for parents to come and see and dressed up as artists for an Arty Party (can you spot head of Lower School, Karen?)

Click on the images below for your exclusive access to the exhibition of the season!

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