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Robot Takeover In Years 5 & 6

6th October 22

Years 5 & 6 have been looking at robotics and building their own creations. New Digital Literacy Coordinator, Kevin taught them about inputs and outputs and provided them with a range of sensors, wires and motors before challenging them to create a creature with at least two inputs and two outputs.

Zayaan was excited to show off his creation and to tell us all about the lesson; “The lesson was great because it taught us what a robot actually was, it’s not just a bunch of code it’s about inputs causing outputs and different ways to use that. For example my robot has an arm which turns round and round constantly and when the arm goes past the motion sensor, that turns on the lights which are it’s eyes.”


Other creative creatures had trunks which went up and down or arms that waved back when you wave at them!

The children clearly loved getting to grips with the basics of circuits and robotics while letting their creativity shine in the cardboard creations they brought to life with their new-found skills.

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