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Year 2 Trashion Show Is Stylish Success

31st March 22

Y2 Trashion Show 2022

Year two put on an amazing Callover themed around saving the planet. Both Y2 classes came together to share some useful info on recycling and why it’s important for all of us to take a look and see what we can do to make a difference.

There were amazing poems written in the shape of trees, a letter to the earth and students also shared a letter which they’d written to Head of Lower School, Karen, asking to plant vegetables outside their classrooms. Karen wholeheartedly gave this her seal of approval.

The show culminated in a fabulous ‘Trashion Show’ where students modelled amazing designer looks made out of recycled materials. Outfits featured crisp packet capes and newspaper kilts – look out London Fashion Week, Y2 are coming for you!

We spoke to Rufus from Natalie’s class: “My job in the show was to introduce the Trashion Show and to say who was coming down the aisle. Our Callover was important because if we don’t help the earth the icecaps will go, and polar bears won’t have anywhere to live. The parents were all very happy so I think we did a good job of getting the message across. I felt happy being on stage in front of everyone, I wasn’t even nervous.”

Speaking at the end of the show, Karen said: “It’s been so wonderful to see the togetherness of the Year 2 students working towards this show and it’s clear that they’ve learnt a lot about this topic through working towards the performance. I couldn’t be more proud of them.”

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