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Reception Visitors Talk Pets, Patrol Cars and Proper Brushing

23rd March 22

Reception Police Visit

Our Reception children have been looking at people, culture and communities and as part of their Inquiry top of ‘Superheroes in our Community’ they’ve been lucky enough to have some fabulous visitors.

First up was the Police who arrived with the blue lights flashing and the sirens going off! Police officers Billy, Rene and Tara came to visit and shared information about their jobs and how they help people. The car was definitely a highlight and it was a very memorable day for the children.

The children used were able to use the experience to demonstrate their ability to explain similarities and differences between life in this country and life in other countries, describe their immediate environment using knowledge from observation, discussion, and stories and to listen attentively and respond to what they hear with relevant questions, comments and actions.

The next visitor was Sam who came in to talk about her job as a Vet. She brought her dog Shoko with her to help and showed the children photos of animals she helps at her clinic and also some animals in other countries that her team have gone to help, like the sloths in South America. Some of the children took turns to listen to Shoko’s heartbeat using the stethoscope.

The children shared their knowledge and experiences and questions with Sam and the rest of the class.

There was also a visit from a Dentist who explained why it’s important to look after your teeth using an enormous set of fake gnashers.

Having outside visitors helps bring Inquiry topics to life for our young learners. Learning by seeing and doing are an important part of the Early Years and something our Early Years team are brilliant at doing.

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