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Creative anti-bullying week responses from Y6

17th November 21

Year 6 Anti Bullying Week T Shirts 2021

This week is #antibullyingweek and there have been activities taking place across Lower School. Our Year 6 students were challenged with making items to represent our commitment to kindness and zero tolerance of bullying.

Eila explained the project: “This week is anti bullying week it so for home learning we each chose a way to express the message of kindness and anti-bullying which we support. So some people did T shirts, you could do a board game, make a short film or create a song, rap or poem. I made a video and I wanted to convey what bullying is and how you can stand up for yourself. Certainly if you feel you’re being bullied at school you should speak to a teacher but also, people should know that it’s OK to speak up for yourself – nobody should be made to feel bad.”

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