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Learning brought to life with Year 6

5th May 21

Each year our Y6 children become curators of their own War Museum exhibits.  This year we were once again able to invite parents in to look at their amazing displays in a socially distanced way. They demonstrated knowledge, pride and energy when talking about their projects – all of which had been thoughfully made and displayed for their audience. Parents and teachers, including Head, Robert came along to engage with the children and ask questions about their learning.

We spoke to some of the curators of the museum about the learning experience:

Otto: I did my project on Spies in the Cold War and I made a fake rat – spies used to put codes and everything they needed inside. I also made a model of a gun disguised as a lipstick and I gave out prizes to parents for cracking my spy codes.

Ari: My display was about the Kindertransport – it was good to find out more about it as I barely knew anything about it before. Learning about something new to me was what made it interesting.


Otto: What’s great about our enquiry topics is that we’re given freedom to choose which part of the subject we’re interested in – we run it past our teacher and Adele and Sophie help to guide us as we’re working on it.

Adele (teacher): They all chose great topics and it’s great to see them expressing their passion for their subjects when showing their displays to parents.

Otto: One way you can learn is by explaining what you’ve learned. When parents came to your stand, you could explain, and then that would probably properly get it into your mind so you would remember it. I think it’s a good way to learn.

Jacob: If you can’t explain something, you probably haven’t understood it. There was a really big creative side to this project and the dressing up and getting into character helped getting deeper into the learning. I made a model of the Enigma machine and I found it enjoyable telling people I’d made it out of soy sauce bottles.

Adele (teacher): The topic also links in with one of our learning attributes, resilience. The students each wrote a short piece about how this topic links to resilience because the people they were looking at displayed resilience in the face of rationing or danger and difficulty.

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