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Shaping words and communities with Year 2

28th January 21

Our Year 2 students have been very busy working on their handwriting, vocabulary and playing with words as part of their topic of Communities.

Teacher Kim said: “We have been talking about communities in Year 2 and having tremendous fun exploring our own communities and designing and making an ‘ideal’ community.

Community map by Mars
Marti’s community

This has manifested in Lego and craft constructions, map work, grid references, imagining worlds and writing acrostic poems.

Max’ ideal community has plenty of vehicles

They have also designed and made their own compasses (am afraid no pics of this). They have also written about ‘silver linings’, understanding that with every difficulty we can also find a positive to a situation.”

Libby’s acrostic poem
Grey’s acrostic poem about KAS
Archie with his poem

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