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Poetry and pictures from Year 3

28th January 21

Our Y3 students have been sharing a lot of wonderful work from KASConnected classrooms and it really showcases their talents.

Teacher Sally said: “We have been writing poems this week and learning different styles from kennings, acrostics and free poems. We spent lots of time reading out and sharing what we had written. Here is an ‘Under The Sea’ poem.”

George’s Under The Sea poem

“We also talked about how one of the good things about lockdown is that we get to know our family and our pets even better. Here are some lockdown poems about pets. The challenge was to describe the person or animal without saying its name.”

Ruby’s pet poetry
Bonny’s kenning poem
Albert’s kenning poem
Freddie’s poem

The class have also been learning about artist Matisse and making Matisse-inspired artworks of under-sea worlds to compliment their poetry.

We think you’ll agree that it’s at least three cheers for Year 3 for all this wonderful work.

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