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Window Wonders from Year 3

26th January 21

Window Art

Students in Sally’s Year 3 class have been changing their view using only paper and scissors!

Sally says, “In today’s art lesson, I wanted to do something that would make a virtue out of necessity, in this case being stuck inside. I also wanted to get children to think outside the box – literally.”

Tommy’s window art

“These pictures were inspired by an art project by a Spanish artist and got the children looking out of their windows and imagining what might pop up in the view.”

Ruby's window art
Ruby’s window art

“They imagined what might make the view more exciting and cut out their own shapes.  Some of them got pics from the internet.  Thomas took pics of himself doing gymnastics then traced over them.”

Thomas’ window artwork

“They were so creative and imaginative and it was such a joy watching them interact with each other through zoom.”


Albert’s window art
Flo’s window art maypole

Sally Wall, Teacher, 3S

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