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It’s beginning to look a lot like (recycled) Christmas!

7th December 20

small Christmas tree

In the Lower School – the classrooms are decorated for the last week of term with festive snowflakes, paper-chains, popcorn garlands and twinkling trees. What all these decorations have in common is that they’ve been made out of materials which would have normally been thrown away. Recycled, re-used, repurposed and full of the joy handmade decorations bring.

In Y5 they are working on some festive, felt birds – here’s the report from on the ground:
“On Thursday we did some sewing and started making festive birds for the winter with different coloured materials. We had to cut out a template and then put it on the fabric and then draw around it. Then we had to cut out the pieces.
We have now started sewing the small wings to the medium wings and then the wings to the body. Next, we will have to sew the two halves of the body and leave a gap to put stuffing in-side.
It has been fun because we don’t usually do sewing at school and it has been fun to make festive decorations.”
By Tierney and Mia

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