Students singing and playing music for school concert

Let The Music Play

17th November 20

Students singing and playing music for school concert

The KAS Music Department have been very busy this term with two amazing concerts.

First up was Axemonsters which was live streamed on our YouTube Channel as we weren’t able to invite a live audience into the space. It was a steep learning curve for our amazing technician, Matt, but one he negotiated brilliantly and delivered all the usual magic, live from The Phoenix Theatre.

Matt at the mixing desk

Check out some of the performers in these wonderfully atmospheric images by photographer Emma Ziff.

For those with more Classical tastes the Soloists Concert provided an opportunity for those students who play instruments which don’t need to be plugged in! The film of this concert was filmed and edited by Old Alfredian, Rhodri Benyon who is currently on a gap year. Thanks goes to him for all his hard work and huge congratulations to all who performed.

The two successful shows illustrate the huge range of talent which is nurtured and celebrated at KAS.

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