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Poetry inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement

16th November 20

Year 6 student

In Y6 students have been looking at the Black Lives Matter movement. They’ve read poems by Benjamin Zephania and discussed racism and diversity. One student was inspired to write this wonderful poem. Thank you Honey in 6A for your wise words.

 Black is the New White


Black is a frill on a swan lake costume

Black is the colour of the mocking bird

Black is a relief from mourning a loss

Black is the smudge from crying mascara

Black is unknown to everyone in the dark

Black is ashes, melted candles and tar

You can’t catch black in the spotlight of the moon

But she can lure you in with a faithful tune.

Black is beauty

Black is bold

Black is pure

But black has been sold

Black will stand strong like a rock

The most interesting colour in the box

Black will keep going through rain and wind

She won’t wash off with soap and water

Black is zap

Black is dash

She will last

Black will stand up to the crowd

She won’t be faced with the ground

Black will stay proud.



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