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French fancies from Lower School learners

12th May 20

Drawing of a plate of food

All of our specialist teachers are still inspiring and educating the Lower School students with learning tasks which take them away from their computer screens.

In French, Helen has set lots of different optional tasks for students to choose between. The results are tres bon!

Reception and Year 1 have been exploring the outdoors – looking at birds, butterflies, and snails; learning new French songs with actions and finding out to play a hide and seek game in French.

Year 4 have been continuing the growing project they had started in school with seed planting. We had planned to share our school grown ‘salade’ and menus with the school community.

At home some of them have:
• written a short poem about what they see in their ‘jardin’
• created pictures of the plant cycle labelled in French,
• created and made their own fruit smoothies in French
• designed and made their own ‘salades arc-en-ciel’ (rainbow salads)

Year 5 and 6 have been making French games and, as we have had to have a break from the popular French cookery club at school, we’ve bought French cookery club to Years 5 and 6 with French recipes and the making of ‘Clafoutis’ and ‘Pain a la banane’.

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