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Wishes come true thanks to Community Action Club

6th February 20

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Children in Lower School have made dreams come true for two children suffering from serious or life-limiting conditions.

Community Action Club, run by Jet, started off with just one member, but is now full with a long waiting list as students sign up to help others. Before Christmas the students were very busy collecting  Christmas presents to donate to children via the Rays of Sunshine charity but they wanted to do more.

“We collected Christmas presents for Rays of Sunshine to give out at their Christmas party but when we watched videos of the wishes which children had, it made us want to do more,” explained founding member Grace, Y4. “We decided to sponsor a wish.”

Vivian, Y3 takes up the story, “It was very hard to choose which wishes to sponsor because all the children deserved their special day. In the end we had to take a vote.”

In order to donate enough money to give a child dealing with serious illness, a special day – the club had to raise some serious money so they set to work. They held a bake sale, made and sold bespoke Christmas decorations and set up a JustGiving page. They were so successful that the club were able to sponsor two wishes through the charity.

Find out which two wishes our students hard work helped to fund:

Shenna’s wish to have a Princess Party is on the 9th February.

Six-year-old Shenna, from Manchester, is currently living with a Chronic Lung Disease, Cerebral Palsy as well as other serious conditions. Due to this, she has to spend a lot of time in hospital away from her family and needs to take a lot of medication.​

Shenna loves Princesses – especially Cinderella. Her greatest wish is to have a horse-drawn Cinderella carriage ride with a Princess and have a Princess party.​

The approx. cost of granting her wish is £1,200.

Imaan’s wish to go to Cbeebies Land is on the 27th March.

Five-year-old Imaan, from Leeds, is currently living with a condition that affects her heart, the bones in her spine, her esophagus and her kidney. Due to this, she is fed through a tube, called a Stoma.​

Imaan is a very happy little girl. She loves playing games with her brothers and friends. She loves to go to the park with her family, go to the seaside and see all the animals.​

Her greatest wish is to go to Cbeebies Land with her family.​

The approx. cost of granting her wish is £1,200.

The children at KAS have been thinking about how to make our two wish children feel connected to us on their special days. They are creating a huge card to send them along with a present and a video message involving all of Lower School.


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