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Lower School students make their mark

13th November 19

Lower School Students making our mark

Lower School students have all left their mark after taking part in a big drawing project which took over the Lower School Hall.

Each year group was allocated a different colour and, taking a marker in each hand took turns to lay down on the floor-sized canvas and make circular designs using their whole bodies as pivots.

Kat says: “This video is called Making Our Mark,  and it started life as an idea, a germ of an idea that grew into a huge enormous drawing. I had worked with children in the playground, with huge sticks of chalk making chalk angels (similar to snow angels). Over a period of time and revisiting this activity with various children, we discovered that if children rotated on a pivotal point of their body, then they could become a human compass. It didn’t take long before some of the children challenged me to doing a whole school drawing.”

Making Our Mark is collaborative, huge and visual way of marking the presence of all the Lower School students at The King Alfred School.

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