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Finding friends and facing fears on Y7 camp

15th October 19

In mid-September all our Y7 students put down their books and pick up their rucksacks and head off on camp for a week. The aim is to bring together the students who’ve moved up from our Lower School and those new to KAS for some team and confidence building, adventurous activities.

Here are some of this year’s Y7 reports of a wonderful week at Anglesey Outdoors:

“Camp week was amazing! It was all brilliant, the food, the accommodation, the activities and even the free time. But it all came at a price: the long, long journey…”

Jimmy Y7

“On camp the most exciting thing to kick off the week is finding out your room when you get there! As soon as Adam got out the list, everyone went dead still, all eyes fixed on the list. Once you knew your room everyone ran to try and pick the best bunk to sleep on.”

Jemima Y7

“We scrambled up the rough rocky path of boulders 300m up on the air. We sat on roman ruins and walked down a cliff. We put on wetsuits and headed to the beach. The sea glimmered as we rode the waves in and out.”

Kuber Y7

“We went rock climbing and abseiling but it was not just a climbing wall, we were up a mountain! It was the most amazing view. On the last day we went gorge walking and was gorgeous, at the end we got to jump in a pool of water, it was my favourite activity. Overall I found it an amazing experience, thank you Anglesey!”

Georgie Y7

“Some of the activities were challenging, this was a good thing because people had the opportunity to discover their limits and feel the achievement of going out of their comfort zone or even extending it!”

Amelie Y7

“After the day was finished, we were all exhausted, which was actually very good because it meant we slept well at night. Before bed we had a choice of a big game of capture the flag or relaxing inside and playing a game.”

Eden Y7

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