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YR7 feel free to be creative

20th June 19

YR7 spend a week towards the end of the Summer Term working on their projects. The theme this year is ‘Freedom’ and the projects are as varied as the passions of the students involved. 
Project week is the culmination of six weeks work where students spend their form time researching and planning what they’d like to produce. They are then given a whole week to create something which they feel represents the topic and their interests.
During the week students are given free access to all areas of the school to express themselves and on the Friday all the projects are displayed in the Main Hall at an exhibition for parents, staff and pupils.
This year’s topic has inspired projects based around Syrian refugees, the freedom of skateboarding, the work of the French Resistance in the Second World War, Orcas in captivity, the suffragette movement and the constraints and freedoms of fashion.

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