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Visit to sister school in Sri Lanka makes memories

1st May 19

Over the Easter holiday, a dozen YR12 students embarked on a life-changing trip to Sri Lanka.

Following the devastating tsunami in 2004, contact was made by former deputy head Julian Cottenden, and the funds raised by The King Alfred School community allowed for the building of a sister school in Kinniya, in the Eastern part of the country. Every few years, a group of students is sent to work in King Alfred School Kinniya, doing some maintenance and teaching work. Over the course of the fortnight, we built a ‘washing machine’ (in fact a concrete-based raised tower to do some hand washing in…) and did some painting and gardening to restore the main building.

In the afternoon, we were teaching English to some very eager children aged 5-17, using a lot of fun activities such as Duck-duck-goose, Jenga, Connect 4, jigsaw puzzles and painting.

I believe the group proudest achievement was to turn a neighbouring village’s infant school round: it was a sorry looking building when we arrived, and in 36 hours we transformed it into an incredibly attractive place with fabulous murals.

Despite the horrific events of the penultimate day there, we had an enriching and really special time which we hope these photos will communicate.

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