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Time travelling, Year 5 style

19th March 19

Our YR 5 students dressed in traditional costume and headed to The Ragged School Museum as part of this term’s topic ‘Trading Places’. The topic covers how humans exchange and trade goods and how things like industrialisation has had consequences for people then and now.

The children looked amazing in their Victorian era costumes and thoroughly enjoyed the Victorian school experience and information session about what a poor family home in East London would have been like.

The trip was a very useful way for the children to further reinforce current learning as well as act as a jumping off point for other discussions.

They were asked to consider how child labour was used during the Industrial Revolution and its moral and economic repercussions.

This topic has led to some great discussions and the children have considered some heavy themes such as poverty and child labour. Teachers Zac and Lucy have been really impressed with the maturity and compassion the YR5 children have shown when working on these themes and are looking forward to continuing the topic with the same enthusiasm and drive as the classes have shown so far.

Words: Zac Pollock and Lucy Bailey

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