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Sawubona ‘We See You’ Exhibition

8th September 17



“Sawubona” was a project run by The Alexandra Wylie Tower Foundation and King Alfred School, which saw young people from very different walks of life come together through photography.  Sawubona is a Zulu word, a word that encompasses the essence of truly seeing one another. 

Young members of the Pilion Trust’s homeless shelter, Crashpad, worked alongside local school pupils from King Alfred School at Lauderdale House each week. They had the opportunity to spend time with each other and got to develop relationships that saw beyond the labels that some young people struggle with. 

On Thursday 7th of September some of the participating Sixth Form students went along to support the last night of a month long exhibition, to see the final products and catch up with some of the Crashpad members. 

It was a fantastic evening and many people were impressed by the project and the photographs. I want to thank everyone involved for a fantastic project and we will be doing it again this year so if any Sixth Form students are interest then please let me know.

Lynne, Drama


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