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“A Quality of Mercy,”

6th February 17

Poster for a theatre show


The King Alfred School’s BTEC in Performing Arts Program presents “A Quality of Mercy” at The King Alfred Phoenix, February 22nd – 24th, 7:00pm.


1941, Lithuania. The Einsatzgruppen move across the occupied Soviet Union, eliminating all Jews. One man survives. Falling backwards into the pit a fraction of a second before the bullets strike he emerges and attempts to find shelter from those that don’t want to know. He arrives at a house on the outskirts of the village. A widow, lonely and shunned, opens the door. He tells her to look at his wounds; that he is Jesus Christ come down off the cross. She lets him in. Over one week, two humans must rediscover themselves and question all they hold dear. At stake, their belief in God and humanity. When a world goes mad, what is there left to believe in?

Join us to watch our talented BTEC in Performing Arts students present what is sure to be a spectacular adaptation of this work. For further details, contact Rob Messik, Director of Theatre and Drama.

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