Students studying under Squirrel Hall

Year 12 Camp Consent Form

In order for your son/daughter to participate, we would be grateful if you could complete, sign and return this consent form to us by the deadline above. It is vital that you provide us with your emergency contact details for the period of the visit and that you alert us to any other information that might be relevant. Unfortunately, your child will not be able to participate in this visit unless you follow this procedure. Thank you in advance for your help and understanding You should be aware that during all school visits, we expect the highest standard of behaviour from our pupils and normal School rules apply. All visits are covered by the KAS insurance policy. Full details are available on request from the group leader
E.g. paracetemol, ibruprofen,
E.g. paracetemol, ibruprofen,


I agree to my child taking part in this trip with KAS. I have received details of the trip included activities involved. I authorise that any medication stated above is for the full use of my child and that they are able to self-medicate. I authorise members of supervisory staff to approve medical treatment on advice of a qualified medical practitioner.

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