Students studying under Squirrel Hall

Phoebe D’Arcy

First Elected/Appointed: 2024

About: I joined Council with the desire to help shape the school’s future as it adapts to meet the changing needs of its students, society and crucially our planet, whilst retaining the educational principles it was founded on. This is important to me after attending KAS myself for 11 years – the school shaped who I am, how I parent, and my view of the world. I feel lucky to have experienced an educational environment that not only prepared me for academic success, but also cultivated the qualities necessary for me to grow up compassionate, resilient, and socially responsible. I now have three children at KAS, who are the third generation of my family to attend.

I am interested in how sustainable practices can be increased at school, how the school space (as a whole) can be improved to aid the delivery of the evolving curriculum’s, and how the environment and landscaping can enhance the connective areas between teaching spaces, and how a ‘sense of place’ can be created to help hold the community in place, and support the overall physical identity of KAS. Landscape design is always about playing the ‘long game’, and I hope that by asking the right questions now, and developing clear ambitions and plans, about legacy planting, increasing biodiversity, reducing carbon footprint, that we as a school, can begin to ensure the protection and preservation of the character and quality of our estate, but also importantly, improve the schools resilience to climate change impacts in the future.


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