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Kara Conti

Kara Conti

First Elected/ Appointed: 1986

Profession: Actor

About: My daughter Nina first attended KAS aged 11 in 1984 and I was almost immediately welcomed into parental involvement through Parent/Staff. Very soon I was on the committee and spent some years as Chair of Parent Staff. I served on Council from 1986 and took over as Chair of Council in 1991 till 2000.

It has been an honour to serve as President of the Society since then and maintain my involvement with the school. The President serves on Council fully these days, whereas in the past the role was more of an ex officio presence, attending meetings by invitation only. I now chair the King Alfred School Society Committee which explores and funds educational research projects and organises the Society’s annual conference.

I am on hand to support the Chair and Head at any time and hope that my oversight and experience can be of use to them. I have really enjoyed working with Robert, our new Head, and I’m very excited about the years ahead.

My grandsons, Drummond and Arthur, are in the school – so the family connection is due to continue for some years.

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