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Johnny Rosen

Johnny Rosen

First Elected/ Appointed: 2022

About: My love for The King Alfred School, and all it stands for, comes from my own personal experience as a student at the School. I attended KAS for 14 years and, during that time, was a member of School Six and captain of the School’s football team. Since leaving KAS, I have worked at a high-growth, innovative sports-tech start up and, prior to that, within real estate. I pioneered several entrepreneurial ventures and founded a wearable merchandise business.  

I hope to improve the alignment between KAS’ student-body and Council, making Council seem less ambiguous to students and increase School Six representation at Council meetings. I currently do this by acting as a conduit between the student body and Council and want to help amplify student voice and engage with students, particularly School Six.  

I also wish to leave a legacy on Council, by ensuring that my role is filled by another young professional like myself when I step down. 

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