Students studying under Squirrel Hall

Johnny Rosen

First Elected/ Appointed: 2022

About: I was a KAS student for 14 years (2003-2017).

During this time I spoke publicly at KAS events, such as a member of the School Six and captained the school’s football team. I bring all the skills and qualities needed to successfully carry out these pursuits along with an innate understanding of Alfredian culture and a burning desire to continue to help with and give back to an institution that was so formative in my development as an individual.

As a member of Council, some of my initial ambitions centre around acting as a younger link between Council and current students – especially regarding Council’s current relationship with Sixth Form students.

As a recent KAS graduate, I firmly believe that I am strongly positioned to act as an effective bridge between students, teachers and Council. Moreover, my empirical understanding of the schools ethos and familiarity with many of the teaching staff makes me a stand-out candidate for Council.


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