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Fiona Hackett

Fiona Hackett

First Elected/ Appointed: 2000

About: While I have two children who attended KAS, I was approached by an existing member of Council about joining as I had an interest in the building and grounds at the School. I am particularly interested in the impact the grounds have on the wellbeing of students and how that interfaces with the use of the buildings, their character and design. How these elements reflect the School’s ethos is of paramount importance.  

With my scientific background, close association with the School and being a gardener, I aim to support the School on the Grounds and Buildings Committee, so when we are consulted, we can ensure that the overall look and feel of the site is upheld. My involvement on the Finance Committee further backs this, as it benefits my understanding of budgets for capital projects, revenue expenditure and how it all fits into the overall budgeting of the School. 

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