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Fiona Hackett

Fiona Hackett

First Elected/ Appointed: 2000

Profession: Scientist

About: I have been a Council member for 19 years and for the last several of these I have been Chair of the Grounds and Buildings Committee. We help the Estates team to make decisions about the maintenance of the fabric of the school and also oversee any large building projects ensuring that they are well designed and sit comfortably in our existing campus.  The grounds at KAS are very special and we help to ensure that the green spaces are maintained in a way that allows the students the maximum benefit from the access they have while ensuring there is attractive and natural planting in the flower beds. My children who were both at KAS from 4 to 18 are both running their own businesses and I am certain that they have grown up to be self-motivated and confident because of their time at KAS and in part that was due to the environment; mature trees and open spaces, to play and use their imaginations in an unfettered way which is not a common experience for children to enjoy today. I am committed to continuing this tradition and I know that many other Council members feel the same way but it is always good to have new blood joining us to keep our ideas fresh.

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