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Amy Chapman

Amy Chapman

First Elected/ Appointed: 2021


Profession: Solicitor


About: I have a son at King Alfred, and he has been at the School since Reception.

I am a construction lawyer by profession. I currently work freelance within the construction industry. My work entails construction contracts and disputes internationally as well as contract law, governance, ethics and compliance and insurance.

My son has had a very positive experience at King Alfred from the start. I felt that I had not been as involved with the School as I would like due to the pressure of being a single parent and holding down a demanding full-time job. Now that my son is a little older and my work is more flexible, I decided to stand for Council to rectify that, and because it is important to me to be involved with how the School is run.

As a matter of personal development, I am keen to further my understanding of the interaction between the School and the Council. In addition, I am genuinely interested in helping to shape the School’s future. My work as a lawyer gives me a number of skills of value to the Council – problem solving, an inquiring mind and the ability to digest information and come up with a sensible point of view.

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