Students studying under Squirrel Hall

Pupil Consent Form

Pupil Consent Form

Please check the information on this form and complete all consent areas. Once filled, please sign, date and return your form in hard copy and return to your Form Tutor. Pupil Consent(s) will apply for the duration of your time at the King Alfred School (KAS) and thereafter will apply to you as a member of the KAS alumni community. You may contact your Form Tutor or Head of Year at any time to withdraw/amend your consents.

Photographic Use Consent

We use photographs of the students participating in school activities and events on the school website, in the school newsletters, school documents and prospectus. In addition, some activities are photographed and posted on KAS social media: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You may withdraw your consent at any time, but please be aware that it may only be possible to remove online images and the School cannot change printed materials once published.

In accordance with best practice, no image of a student will be identified by his/her name.

Biometric Consent

The school uses finger print recognition to allow students in Year 7 and above to identify themselves when accessing the school. The biometric data held will not be used for any other purpose, except solely as necessary for the purpose stated above. If you object to the use of your biometric data being used in this way, the School will endeavour to provide a workaround to the system without using biometrics. Once you stop using the biometric recognition system, your biometric information will be securely deleted by the School.

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