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Photography Exhibition 2024

25th June 24

This year’s Photography exhibition was perhaps the most ambitious show we’ve staged, with both A level and GCSE on display along with a touch of Year 10 and 12 – around 75 of our student photographers had work on show.

We deliberately curated the show to enhance the visual noise and impact of the work and it is always a real treat to see the work enjoyed, questioned, and supported by so many families, friends and colleagues, the audience is always the final and vital ingredient to a successful and buzzy show.

I’m immensely proud of the work, both in terms of the number of wider issues that were examined, but also by the range of creative avenues explored, from analogue and digital print to moving film, installation, and magazine publication, it was a display that really pushed the envelope of what photography can be.

Thanks for coming if you did and hope to see you again the same time next year.

Written by Cliff Bevan

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