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Putting On The Greatest Show

4th June 24

The King Alfred Phoenix Theater turned into a Big Top as students in Years 7, 8 & 9 took to the stage to perform The Greatest Showman.

Students worked with the Drama and Music Departments, and Year 12 UAL students, to create backstories for some of the key circus performers from the original musical.


Amelie, Y12 explained, “Each of the Year 12 UAL Level 3 students had a small group of Year 7 or 8 students and we wrote and directed their segment of the show. I was in charge of the Tom Thumb section. We also helped to run rehearsals and the backstage aspects of the performance.”

The show was packed with brilliant performances, from solos to ensemble crowd pleasers, aerial gymnastics to full cast routines it was a multi-coloured delight.

With KAS students taking their places in the band, on the stage and backstage it was a delight to see the production come together with such flair.

Maisie, Y9, took on the part of Barnum – running things as only a true ringmaster can, she said: “Every year we worry we’re not going to pull it together. But that moment where you do pull it together, and the show is great, is the best part.”

Rosie, Y12 told us: “We decided we didn’t want to cast a female for the beared lady role so we rewrote the character and created ‘the boy in the dress’. I really enjoyed working with the younger students. They were really enthusiastic and put in a lot of effort.”

Ethan Y9 was ‘the boy in the dress’: “The show went really well, even though the dress itself was really uncomfortable, I enjoyed the role and I had a lot of fun. The best thing about being part of the show was the experience of it. I am doing UAL Level 2 next year and so I got a taste for what it’s going to be like. It was also great meeting the Year 7 and 8 students who I wouldn’t normally have spent time with.”

Charlie Y9 played Barnum’s father and the Lord of Leeds, he also loved the way the show brought people together: “I haven’t done a show before so there were lots of people I hadn’t worked with. It was a good opportunity to meet new people and collaborate.”

Izzy Y9, one of the dancers, was full of praise for the team: “It was great working with Rob, Lucy and Nell – they are so funny! I hadn’t had the chance to work with Frances the dance teacher before, she was great – we’re all looking forward to working with her when we do UAL Level 2 next year.”

Amelie Y12, was reminded of her younger self after taking part in a number of prevous shows: “I was looking after the younger students during the show which was a challenge.  Keeping them focussed and getting them ready was exhausting, but I really enjoyed it and it gave me much more respect for the teachers having to deal with us during shows!”

Congratulations to the whole team who brought the performance to life – the Drama and Music Departments, Theatre Technician Matt, Y12 UAL students and all the talented cast and band members.

Thanks to Emma Ziff for the fabulous photos.

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