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Students Sparkle in Speeches for LAMDA

8th May 24

This year Year 9 students were all offered the opportunity to participate in public speaking exams with LAMDA. Even those who chose not to take the exam still worked on the skills which are useful in all areas of life.

Head of Drama, Lucy Hall, said: “In Drama, students have been working on speeches for either Grade 3 or Grade 5 LAMDA qualifications. They have learnt skills in vocal clarity, diction, engaging with an audience as well as using research appropriately. For the exam they presented speeches on a topic of their choice and had to discuss how they selected, refined and edited their work as well as engage in a thematic conversation. The examiner commented on their manners, politeness and the range of topics presented; the Department really want to congratulate the year for their conduct on the day. A massive thank you to Lynne and Tammy who led this pilot scheme and Eilidh for her administrative support.”


See below just some of those who took part.

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