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Visiting Versailles

5th April 24

Before the end of the Spring Term, Year 12 students – accompanied by Lucy, Pauline and Julian – set out on a day trip to Le Château de Versailles. Despite the early wake up call of 3.30am, the trip was well worth it and the group had the opportunity to explore the vast gardens and estates hidden within the former home of France’s fallen aristocracy and monarchs. Once inside the walls of this golden palace, the group were given a guided tour in French, with exclusive access to the Royal Chapel and the Royal Opera.

While learning about the rich history entrenched within this palace, the group explored all the royal chambers, discovered secret doors and strolled through the Hall of Mirrors. To end the day, students and staff went to a lovely little café-restaurant for authentic French hot chocolate and coffee.

It was safe to say that, despite the tiredness, the day trip was unforgettable. Thank you to everyone who made it possible!

Written by Lucy Stapledon

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