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Exploring German History

26th March 24

The History Department, along with Zoe and Al, had the pleasure of taking 30 Year 10 students on the annual trip to Berlin. The group uncovered layers of history, from Napoleon to German reunification, ate Currywurst and pretzels, and enthusiastically walked 10,000s of steps in their quest to explore the history of the city.

When asked about their experience, one student, Jayden, said: “We visited a Stasi Prison in East Berlin where political prisoners would be held during the Cold War. Stasi interrogators would make them ‘confess’ to crimes against the East German State and prisoners could only sleep on their backs with the hands on top of their legs. We heard stories of real prisoners who said guards would check on them 8-10 times an hour to ensure they were sleeping in the right position, which would be impossible in those conditions.”

Another, Ahaan, added: “We went to the Espionage museum which was really cool, showing the development of spying across the world. There was a laser maze, lie detector, and a lot of history!”



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