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Sixth Form EPQ Presentation Evening Celebrates Diverse and Intriguing Projects

20th March 24

The Sixth Form Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) presentation evening was a resounding success, showcasing the ingenuity and creativity of our students as they delved into a wide array of thought-provoking topics. From dissecting the intricacies of human behaviour to exploring cultural phenomena, the evening was a testament to the depth of intellectual curiosity among our student body.

One project examined the Dunning-Kruger effect through the lens of contemporary politics and the Covid-19 pandemic, analysing the interplay between confidence and competence exemplified by figures like Boris Johnson and Donald Trump. Another dove into the enigmatic persona of Silvio Berlusconi, questioning whether he was a maestro or merely a mischief-maker.

In a departure from the realm of politics, one project challenged traditional notions of smell by exploring molecular versus quantum model of olfaction, offering fresh insights into sensory perception. Equally innovative was an artefact project that crafted African Print lab coats, aiming to promote diversity in STEM fields.

Turning to cultural inquiry, another project examined the evolution of witches’ portrayals in Western media, juxtaposing them with historical representations to uncover shifts in societal perceptions. Additionally, a guide to Shinto customs and practices was meticulously created, providing a valuable resource for incorporating spiritual rituals into daily life.

Another project, although not presented on the night is a thought-provoking investigation into coulrophobia to shed light on the modern media’s role in perpetuating fear of clowns, prompting reflection on the psychological underpinnings of this phobia.

The breadth and depth of these projects is remarkable, demonstrating the power of independent inquiry and the boundless curiosity of our students. Well done to all the students involved for their outstanding contributions to knowledge and discourse and thank you to all those who came to support. A brilliant evening all round!

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